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By combining our authoritative brand with a wide range of capabilities, Tzoome offers integrated solutions that enable advertisers to create unique experiences, build value, and connect to our influential and engaged audience across various campaign ad units and formats:

Raise Awareness With Display Campaigns

  • Cross Platform Responsive Ad
  • More than 10 Ad Formats & Types
  • Customize Native Ad Units
  • Product Recommendation

Drive Brand Impact With Video Campaigns

  • In-Stream Video Ads
  • Pre-rolls and Splash Video Ads
  • Multiple Companion Ads Type

Build Influence With Branded Content

  • Featured Ads Positioning
  • Broad Social Distribution
  • Tailored Social Ad Units

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at Scale.



Monthly unique Americans – and growing each month rapidly!


Time Spent.

Average visitor’s time spend on our engaging magazine content


US Audience.

17-38 all American monthly returning audience

We Are Ruthlessly Emphasising & Monitoring Your Brand Performance

Keeping your Brand, Safe.

We bring focus and incredible performance to display advertising by staying true to three principles; best-in-class technology, real time traffic quality verification and brand safety.

We are a Google Certified Publishing Partner and Forensiq Certified. We keep compliance with all major industry standards and regulation like the GDPR, CCPA, Sellers.json, Ads.txt etc.

Deliver advertiser KPIs at scale like +70% viewability on display, 85% viewability on video

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